Health Pro 3

The Operating System for Your Health

Take Control of your Life.
With Health Pro.

Health Pro allows you to organize, maintain and learn about your health. Organize information about yourself and your family by keeping track of your doctor appointments, storing information about medications, and keeping track of patient and doctor-specific information. Health Pro 3 introduces a revolutionary user interface and a plethora of new features that will change how you manage your health!


Organize the Most Important Information About the Most Important People.

Profiles allows you to store every little detail about your health. Profiles makes it easy to keep track of blood types, allergies, medications, medical conditions and other useful information for the most important people in your life.


All Trips to the Doctor Matter.
Now, We Can Make the Most of Them.

Appointments allow you to keep track of all your visits to the doctor. Record post-visit results about what the doctor says, any medications the doctor prescribes and further follow-ups and next steps. Let Health Pro remind you about your appointments, and keep track of important visit details.

Change the way you visit your doctor

Aggregate all of your appointments so know all the details about when appointments happened, will happen, and all the details in between.

It's all in the detail

Ellegantly organize your doctor appointments - so when you go into your appointment you know exactly what to say, and when you come out of your appointment you know exactly what to do.


Learn More. Pill-By-Pill.

Medications on Health Pro allows you to keep track of medications that you have taken or currently taking. Never miss a pill again with Health Pro's Pill Reminder. Health Pro's built-in tools powered by WebMD and give you accurate and up-to-date information about your medications.*

All of your data - centralized.

Keep all your medications in one place with all their information accessible with just one tap.

Explore your meds in more detail.

Keep track of all the important details for all the medications and pills that you take.

Learn more - with WebMD.

With WebMD - one of the most popular and trusted services for medical reference, you can finally learn more about the medications you're taking.

Learn more - with provides comprehensive information for most pills and drugs. Learn about side effects, dosages, and other synergistic and antagonistic effects.


One Doctor to Rule Them All.

Keeping track of your doctor's information and patient-relavent information was cumbersome, but Health Pro changes that. Health Pro seamlessly allows you to keep track of all the important and relevant information regarding all your doctors. Easily contact them with native One-Tap calling and email.


You Are Your Password.

Health Pro 3 uses some of the world's most advanced cryptographic technologies to allow only the right people the right access. Health Pro uses secure 256-bit AES encryption in conjunction with Touch ID to securely authenticate you without the hassle of always entering a password.


Quickly Find What You're Looking For.

As we add more data about ourselves, our appointments, medications and doctors, it's difficult to find what we're looking for. We've pioneered advanced search functionality that allows you to sift through your data very quickly.

The more you learn about your health,
the more you'll be able to take care of it

We created Health Pro to help you organize everything related to your health. Rather than solely relying on your physician to maintain your critical health information, Health Pro gives you the power to manage your health data. Health Pro closes the gap between doctors and patients. For the first time ever, you'll be able to manage the most important information about you, and share it with your doctors when you need to the most.

Health Pro 3

Health Pro is the world's most advanced health application that gives you the tools necessary to keep track of the most relevant health information. Health Pro has been designed from the ground up to be your personal health assistant.